Frequently Ask Questions

How do I know if my plumbing may need repairs?

There are several signs that your plumbing could use some maintenance or repairs. They include higher water bills, dampness and stains on walls and ceilings, unreliable water heater, small leaks getting worse, extra green grass, and smaller cracks growing into bigger ones.

Why is my home water discolored?

If you have not been home for a while, the water coming out of the faucets can be discolored. The discoloration usually goes away in a few minutes. It could be because the water is aged or the pipes are rusty. You might want to call in a plumber to check the piping.

Why is my drain blocked?

When residue, wastes, or debris find their way into the drain, it may get clogged if they don’t flow to the sewer. This may result in a smelly and blocked drain.  Avoid disposing of kitchen wastes and soaps into the drain and schedule drain cleaning and treatment regularly.

Why does my toilet keep running?

If after flushing your toilet the water keeps on flowing into the bowl, you will incur a lot of losses in water bills. It may be that some part of the toilet system is malfunctioning and needs to be checked and if need be, replaced.

What do I do if my pipes are leaking?

Leaking pipes are a nightmare. They may cause alot of damage to the walls, ceilings, and even your property.
If you notice a leak or your ceiling looks damp, call a licensed plumber to fix it. They may need to be replaced but it’s worth saving the water and money.